LTSC Training Pathway to Success

The Log Transport Safety Council (LTSC) has partnered with the NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Inc) (MITO) to implement the Driver Pathway Accreditation Programme: A Pathway to Success.

The LTSC intends to recognise educational achievement in the log transport sector by introducing entry (‘Bronze’), intermediate (‘Silver’) and advanced (‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’) accreditation.
The accreditation programme aims to record and reward the progress and experience levels of operators in the log transport sector.

How does it work?

Each stage (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) comprises theoretical and/or practical learning. Entry to each stage is based on time served in the industry and successful completion of the previous stage (e.g. only individuals accredited with Bronze status can progress to Silver status).

Below is the pathway structure with the necessary targets for each stage.

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Entry to the accreditation programme is exclusively for financial members of the LTSC or recognised log transport companies. The LTSC Training Committee approves Bronze and Silver accreditation, and the wider LTSC Council is responsible for awarding Gold and Platinum accreditation.

The LTSC recognises that those already in the industry may seek accreditation. The accreditation can be applied retrospectively, provided an individual demonstrates the appropriate competence and has served in the industry for the relevant amount of time.