Contractor Certification Background

In 2019, the Log Transport Safety Council recognised a need to implement a certification programme for its members that set out to strive for continuous improvement in health and safety within their own businesses. It would aim to give a clear picture of where the company was doing well and where changes could be made to lift their game. Last month saw three members complete contractor certification and fifteen are registered with assessors ready to go through their audit. The audit is a 5-star programme with stars issued for achievements from starting the process up to the top five star acknowledgement for the organisation that can show that they are leading by going beyond industry best practice.

What does the certification cover?

The certification audit covers off health and safety and employment outcomes recognised by the forest industry and road sector with the expectation to review.  The programme has been built on a sustainable evaluation process for the future and it will continue to evolve and change as the industry moves forward demonstrating continual excellence.

Contractors will be audited every 2 years whereby they will be assessed and rated accordingly. If the contractor does not meet the required rating as set by their principal or if they elect to implement the conditions raised by the auditor, they can do so within six months of their initial audit date. The auditor’s reports will include photographic evidence and there are twelve key areas covered – including leadership, risk management, accident reporting and worker interviews to name a few.

Who can take part?

The LTSC Contractor Certification was built by the Log Transport Safety Council and aims to be the  tool that can be used by multiple customers and forest managers, reducing  the number of audits the log transport contractors may have to complete. Members are encouraged to start certification as the industry promotes it as a credible, industry focused tool.  There is also the  possibility to work with the same auditor to save time and money, although the strongest message is to ensure the company has done a thorough job the first time as a complete  process will save money by saving time.

It was built with the idea to provide an industry focused, credible tool which can be seen as a sustainable evaluation process for the future. The evaluation tool will continue to evolve and change as industry moves forward while remaining cost effective over time.

Take the pop-up tutorial below which will assist the Contractor through the  of registration and access to certification