LTSC Newsletter March 2015

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Trailer Lifting:

After the recent failures of lifting chains, the LTSC has worked with various Port Companies, CHH Manufacturer sites and Marshalling Companies to enhance the LTSC trailer lifting chain checking process. All parties have agreed that there will be an annual check program by a competent person within our Industry who will check and sign off that the trailer lifting chains at the time of inspection meet the current code.

Transport operators will then advise the LTSC of the vehicles that meet the code and they will be issued with a sticker that needs to be placed on the truck windscreen on the right hand side. This is necessary as the various Companies will be checking vehicles as they use their trailer gantries.

The sticker is valid for 12 months and the 2015 year will commence 1 June, with the 2016 year starting March 2016, this March timetable has been agreed too, to allow transport operators to get their lifting chains checked over the Xmas period.

The annual check doesn’t mean that the driver stops checking the lifting chain daily.

A copy of the LTSC Trailer lifting chain check list and application form is attached. The application is a Statutory Declaration which transport operators will have to get a Justice of the Peace/ Lawyer or Court Registrar to witness. The permit issued by the LTSC on behalf of the various Companies will need to be kept in the truck, just like the current 22 metre permits are.

Training Pathway:

The winners of the Training Pathway scholarships have been announced, because of the good number of applicants for the scholarships MITO has agreed to sponsor 6 places and the LTSC will be sponsoring 4, our Industry is very lucky to have the support of MITO as we move into the new training pathway.

The successful candidates have been selected from across the Country, every successful applicate and his/her employer has been notified of their success.

LTSC Website:

Our website was hacked and destroyed over the Xmas/New Year period and we are currently working on getting this up and running again. It is expected that the site will be finished by the end of April; we have been unsuccessful in salvaging our original site/ material.

Load Tensioners:

The delivery of the new LTSC load tensioners have arrived and are available for purchase, the cost of these tensioners is $31.00 each plus GST plus any freight costs from Tokoroa or Christchurch. The LTSC has placed a number of these load tensioners in Christchurch to make transport costs in the South Island cheaper.

Please contact the Secretary to place your order; they are packaged in boxes of 5.

Tensioning Bars:

There has been a couple of incidents of late where the bars have failed, the LTSC strongly recommends that operators remove these bars from their operation as there are various types of load tensioners on the market that do not require the bars. The LTSC has been advised that when a driver uses the bar on a twitch it exceeds the manufacture rating of the twitch.

Load height alert:

Attached is safety alert on load heights, please ensure your driver receive a copy of this and understand their responsibility around loading and load heights.

Fit for Road program:

The Northland program is going well; once this program has been completed the LTSC will undertake a review of the program in light of the LTSC failing to get any future ACC funding for the program.

Also attached is the month one newsletter for the current program.

IRIS database:

The Council has developed a new incident database (an off shoot of the Forest Owners IRIS database) which has been modified to reflect the business of a log transport operator. ACC has approved the database as a system that is approved for any ACC auditing.

If you would like more details how this can be used in your business please contact the Secretary or check the link on the LTSC webpage (

The beauty of this system is that you can benchmark your incidents against Industry average or by region.


The LTSC has just completed 2 new apps that will be available to transport operators once our website is up and running again.

First app is an incident reporting one where the driver can log an incident that will be sent back to his/her Company office and Forestry Company if needed, the 2nd app is an incab assessment app, which is modeled on the new LTSC Training Pathway. Company trainers can use this as they undertake driver assessments, meaning the major paperwork is completed once the driving assessment has been finished, once again this information can be sent back to the Company base.

The LTSC has become aware of a few other Apps that are available free that are very useful in one’s business, Apps such as log count, near miss, form stack or I-Auditor are currently on the Apps store.


The 2015 AGM is set down for Thursday the 29th of May in Rotorua, a 1pm start after the normal LTSC Council meeting which starts at 1000am.

All members are welcome to the Council meeting and the AGM.

HPMV permits on line now:

NZTA have put out a new press release advising transport operators that they now can apply for HPMV permits on line.

The online permits are available on the Transport Agency website

Support and advice is also available by e-mailing HPMV:


If you have a photo of one of your trucks that you might like loaded up onto the LTSC Webpage as part of our photo galley please forward these to the LTSC Secretary. Good working photos warmly received

Email vs. Snail mail

If you have an e-mail address and you received this newsletter by the slow postal mail system, could you please advise the Secretary your e-mail address so newsletters etc. can be forwarded by this method going forward?

This is cost effective option for the Council.

Secretary’s e-mail address is: