LTSC Newsletter December 2014

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LTSC Annual Subscriptions:

There has been a good response to subscription payment so far, we have collected just under 80% to date.

If you haven’t paid as yet we would appreciate your payment shortly.

Training Pathway:

The program has been launched and you can go to the LTSC webpage to get further information on the training pathway or you can contact MITO direct and they will send one of their Regional Representative to your workplace to discuss the program.

The LTSC have approved 6 Assessors to date and we are looking for further nominations especially from the Lower North Island and the South Island.

MITO has sponsored 4 Scholarships for the Training pathway, the LTSC has matched this great gesture, applications close mid-January, contact the LTSC Secretary for details on how to apply.

IRIS database:

The Council has developed a new incident database (an off shoot of the Forest Owners database) which has been modified to reflect the business of a log transport operator. ACC has approved the database as a system that is approved for any ACC auditing.

If you would like more details how this can be used in your business please contact the Secretary or check the link on the LTSC webpage (

The beauty of this system is that you can benchmark your incidents against Industry average or by region.

Load Tensioners:

The delivery of the new LTSC load tensioners have arrived and are available for purchase, the cost of these are $31. Plus GST plus any freight costs from Tokoroa.

Please contact the Secretary to place your order; they are packaged in boxes of 5.

Forest Industry Safety Summit 2015:

The Safety Summit is been held in Rotorua on the 3 and 4th of March 2015, the theme of the Summit is “Showcasing new practices, systems and tools for improving forestry safety” focusing on local and practical outcomes.

You can register online at, LTSC members qualify for a “Supporting Association discount”

To qualify for the LTSC discounted rate please contact the secretary for the discount code

Trailer Lifting:

trailer-lifting-graphicThere has been a couple if incident caught on Port Companies CCTV which shows drivers undertaking actions that could have been life threating, the video clip of the 2 recent incidents can be seen on the LTSC webpage, under safety.

Since those incidents were brought to our attention and the Safety Alerts that were distributed there have been 2 more incidents that we are aware of. The Industry has been fortunate that there has not been any injuries to date but we as an Industry cannot sit back and let things continue as now.

It is important the operators and drivers fully understand the “Trailer Lifting code” as this will reduce the chances of any further incidents occurring.

Attached is the LTSC Trailer lifting chain check and certification sheets that will assist you in ensuring your equipment meets the current code.


Fit for Road program:

A successful program was recently completed in the South Island. ACC has stopped funding the program going forward but the Council will run the two programs previously agreed, these will be in Northland and the Lower North Island.

The Council will develop a strategy for the 2015/16 shortly, but as an Industry we are keen that another 4 programs are held in the spring and summer period of the 2015/16 year.

Below are some of the comments received from the South Island program:

From the FFTR Team:

The FFTR is across the South Island with seven companies opting to support their employees on the Fit for the Road program. After signing 57 people up at the beginning (August), there are still 41 truck drivers working hard to improve their lifestyles for the better, 14 weeks into the program. They’re improving their nutrition, physical activity and identifying things signs and symptoms of stress and fatigue. So far in the program they have completed a 3 day food dairy, 5km challenge and sleep dairies on their way to success and reaching their goals. With the support of the companies, families and friends these participants are paving the way for a new look industry with health and wellbeing as a core component.

From the dietician:

Many of the participants I spoke to expressed that filling out food diary was a valuable process as it helped to identify areas to address in their nutrition.  Most wanted to speak for longer than 30 minutes! Many of them already knew what to do and had put a lot of changes into place already.

From the participants:

“Lost 4kgs in 3 weeks. Training going well. Hard work though lol…….I actually do not feel as fatigued lol feeling more positive and enjoying the challenge did another 6.5km walk and gym today I’m slowly getting there”

 “I have been eating a lot better. I have been taking sandwiches and fruit to work for lunch and blackcurrant concentrate with water to work instead of coke”

“By the way first time in my life I am eating breakfast every day”

“I’ve lost 9 kilos… joined the gym going three times a week and feeling good”

“I think my goal has changed, I’m not getting weight loss because, the program I’m on at the gym is pretty much building muscle, so fat is coming down and lean muscle mass on the rise. So still getting healthy.”


The LTSC has become aware of a few Apps that are available free that are very useful in one’s business, Apps such as log count, near miss, form stack or I-Auditor are currently on the Apps store.

The LTSC are investigating whether these can be uploaded onto our website, the Exec is also working with a Rotorua Company on developing near Apps that would be suitable for our Industry.


If you have a photo of one of your trucks that you might like loaded up onto the LTSC Webpage as part of our photo galley please forward these to the LTSC Secretary.  Good working photos warmly received

Self-Loader Cranes:

Currently the LTSC are working on an Industry Code of Practice for self-loading cranes, as the current crane rules don’t cover our Industry very well. A small group is working with Peter Suckling to develop this after failing to find anything around the world that works for our Industry.

What we need to provide to the MBIE and NZTA is the number of Self Loader cranes working in our Industry. Can you please advise the LTSC Secretary if you operate this type of unit; the number you have currently in your fleet.

Email vs. Snail mail:

If you have an e-mail address and you received this newsletter by the slow postal mail system, could you please advise the Secretary your e-mail address so newsletters etc. can be forwarded by this method going forward?

This is cost effective option for the Council.

Secretary’s e-mail address is:

C3 Checkpoint and Gantry changes:

Attached please find a letter from C3 outlining the changes to their operations in 2015, please ensure your drivers understand these changes.

Transport Operators need to ensure they are correctly licenced

The Transport Agency has recently dealt with several cases where a Transport Service Licence issued to a person is being used by a registered company. Often this happens when a person starts out as a sole trader and the business grows to a point where a registered company is established and takes over the business.

A registered company is a separate legal entity which requires its own Transport Service Licence.  A Transport Service Licence cannot be transferred, so when this happens the company must make a new application and obtain a Transport Service Licence in the company name.

If the correct name is not shown on the licence it could result in the company being deemed to be operating an unlicensed transport service.

If you are unsure if this applies to you or you wish to discuss your situation to ensure you have the correct transport licence, contact the commercial licencing team through our call centre on 0800822422 or via email at  and  we can help you get the right Transport Service Licence for your company.

More information on Transport Service Licences can be found on the Transport Agency website as can the Transport Service Licence application form.

Transport Service Licence information:

Transport Service Licence application form:

The LTSC Executive wishes you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year