What do we do?

“Wood is Good” is a forestry and log transport programme developed for primary schools in New Zealand and funded by sector groups and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“Wood is Good” is a tailored array of activities, videos, publications and demonstrations that are delivered to primary aged students to educate them on the valuable benefits of forestry. These include environmental topics, carbon storage, climate change, wood products and how plantation trees are grown and harvested in our country. Local log transport providers and forestry company professionals will deliver these sessions at your school and talk about what they do.

View a log truck, talk about logs and trees, find out how forests are and cared for, find out how forestry is valuable to your community.


Supported by the LTSC

The LTSC help to provide trucks and support of the program when in the regions – additionally we funded and partnered with Wood is Good for the production of the video below.

The video provides consistent messaging for the program and with anyone being able to use it then message can go out further.

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