Get Real Behind The Wheel

After several industry related research projects relating to driver fatigue, it was clear this was a real issue effecting our drivers. The ‘Get Real Behind the Wheel’ was a campaign to direct focus to the three main topics that were brought to the forefront as being very real concerns for operators, in the contribution to the state of fatigue.




Pio Terei

Priest Pio travelling in his Cab Confessional chatting with Industry drivers and engaging with operators to find out more about their habits (good and bad) behind the wheel.

Sharing the message IT’S OKAY TO TALK is a big step in beginning to address the negative habits effecting the well-being of our drivers and inversely sharing the good which may help others struggling.

​Rachel Grunwell

​Health Guru, Rachel shows us how easy the little changes within our daily routines can have life changing effects. Swapping out that pie for something more nutritious, getting out for a walk around your truck while waiting at the port, or even getting that extra hours sleep instead of watching the final episode of your latest show. She provides the tips and tricks to what we can all do to imporve our well-being.