LTSC Newsletter April 2014

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Load Tensioners:

The LTSC designed Load Tensioners have finally arrived in New Zealand, a short DVD showing the tensioner inaction is currently up on the LTSC website (, please check it out. The Council has decided that they will order a bulk supply of these and there is a 3 month delivery timeframe before these are available to members in late May.


The Annual General meeting for the LTSC is set down for 2pm on Thursday the 29th of May at the Watersports Building in Rotorua.

The LTSC Executive was set up in 2012 and the transport operators elected at that time to the Executive was for a two year period, this expires at the 2014 AGM, The current operators are available for re-election if required but if you would like to contribute to the LTSC business by standing for the Executive please attend the upcoming AGM.

The Council will be also for looking for nominations from Transport Operators as representatives on the Council.


Please remind your drivers off their responsibility to ensure they clean off any excess bark, pieces of wood, etc from their trucks and trailers as they enter the highways. The LTSC has seen an increase in the 0800 calls relating to loose bark etc failing from logging vehicles.

Training Pathway:

The new training pathway will be launched by the LTSC and MITO in Rotorua on Wednesday afternoon on the 28th of May2014. The launch is planned for 5.30pm at the Rydges Hotel.

Invitations have been sent to the Minister of Transport, other local MP’s and Forest Owners.

If you would like to attend this launch please advise the Secretary by Wednesday the 21st of May. Details of the training pathway will be put on the LTSC and MITO website after the official launch.

LTSC approved Assessors:

Under the new training pathway the LTSC will approve the Assessors who undertake the final assessment at each level. Assessors who wish to be considered as an LTSC approved Assessor need to apply to the LTSC; application forms are available from the Secretary

IRIS database:

The Council has developed a new incident database (an off shoot of the Forest Owners database) which has been modified to reflect the business of a log transport operator. ACC has approved the database as a system that is approved for any ACC auditing.

If you would like more details how this can be used in your business please contact the Secretary or check the link on the LTSC webpage (

The beauty of this system is that you can benchmark your incidents against Industry average or by region.


As an Industry we get do get information sent through to us that is useful to operators, we currently have about 70% of operators e-mail addresses, what we would like is to get upto at least 90% of e-mail contacts, so if you have received this newsletter by snail mail and do have an e-mail contact available could you please contact the Secretary ( with your details.

We will not be sending thru any junk mail or pass your contact details to any 3rd party.

23m Pro Forma Log truck:

A new pro forma log truck has been approved by NZTA and details of this are now available on the NZTA website. For existing holders of HPMV permits you can update your permit by simply downloading the approved permit off the NZTA site and attaching to your current permit.

First Aid Training:

If you are planning any first aid training, contact the St John’s Association, they have a special deal for Log Transport Safety Council members.


LTSC AGM Thursday the 29th of May 2pm start, Watersports Building, ROTORUA.

Training Pathway launch Rydges Hotel Rotorua Wednesday the 28th of May, 5.30pm start